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Price? Free! Our travel planning services are completely free. Learn more about pricing - how booking, travel & excursion fees are paid with a travel agency.


Cruisin Couple Travel Agency does not charge for travel planning. Our pricing is completely free!

How do we do it? With commissions direct from each service company. 


Commissions are built into the cost of hotels, cruises, tours and more. When you book a cruise for example, there is a commission fee you don't see  - it is built into the price. When you book, that commission stays with the cruise company. When a travel agent books, that commission (again, no price difference to you) goes to the travel agent. 

We provide hotels, transfers, excursions, rail, luxury vehicles, Cruises- ocean, river and yachts, all inclusive, destination weddings, private helicopters, private villas, car rentals, Travel or Medical Insurance and everything in between!


Within 30 days of booking a cruise or Sandals/Beaches, you can transfer the booking to a Travel Advisor.

Advantage of doing so, we will monitor the entire booking, payments, excursions but we can also offer a Price Guarantee 24 hours before departure.  Cruise lines will not offer price match after final payment.

travel agent pricing.


Online deals can sometimes come riddled with hidden charges, from stringent cancellation policies, additional fees, or services that aren't clearly marked. Travel agents:


  • Offer transparent pricing.

  • Clearly explain all terms and conditions, ensuring no unexpected surprises.

  • Recommend options that offer comprehensive experiences, ensuring you aren't left feeling shortchanged.

Mistakes in DIY travel planning can be not only stressful but pricey. Whether it's booking on incompatible dates, choosing accommodations far from main attractions, or overlooking visa prerequisites, these slip-ups can strain your wallet. Travel agents:


  • Diligently verify all details to prevent such errors.

  • Advise on prime locations to stay or transportation modes based on their seasoned knowledge.

  • Keep you updated on travel advisories, visa norms, and other crucial details to avert costly last-minute modifications or cancellations.


When you work with Cruisin Couple Travel Agency, your trip costs will be billed through us so you have one vendor to pay, instead of juggling multiple company payments and schedules. Our convenient billing includes:


  • Detailed invoices and a copy of the vendor’s client confirmation within 7 days of payment.

  • Credit card authorization forms along with appropriate documentation as required by the vendor. 

  • We protect clients’ personal information in every way reasonably possible.

  • Upon request, we can release any bookings directly to the vendor.

  • We will promptly address any issues or concerns regarding any transaction with all relevant documentation within 7 days of a client’s request for same.

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